Suggestions for video catalouging / thumbnailing software

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Suggestions for video catalouging / thumbnailing software

Post by phobos »

I am trying to find suggestions for video cataloging software but am having no luck searching the internet.

I know it is probably not polite to ask about an xnview competitor on this forum, but I don't belive this is an insult to xnview, as it so mainly a picture catalouging / editing program with some video handeling added for good measure. And it is the best software for doing that, but the author probably just wants to focus on the picture side of things.

I have tried Acdsee, xnview, Adobe album & infraview all of which have some video functionality.

The closest I have found to what I am after is the video handeling of (of course) xnview.

It allows me to display thumbnails of all my videos no matter the format and no matter the directory. But it takes a long time to proccess the video catalogue, each time it is opened. And only stores one frame per video and a lot of the time it is a blank frame.

Ideally what I am after is a piece of software that like xnview displays thumbnails of videos no matter the format and from all directories at once.

Is fast to open the video catalougue, like abobe album is for is for it's 'picture well'.

And it stores 3 to four thumbnails for each video (begining, 1/3 through and 2/3 though the video)that animate on mouse over, just like alot of the video websites out there (

Probably does not exist, but I thought I would see if anyone knows of anything like this.

Ideally I would love Intel to release the software they used in the nathelem demos called 'deep viewer' that played all the video thumbnails in realtime.
"They also demoed a picture and video viewer that organizes photos/videos based on calendar date. You can zoom into the days of the calendar and the content you shot that day will appear in thumbnails. Videos appear as moving clips. No more clicking the OK button or guessing which video you shot first or last – everything is organized perfectly."

But I won't hold my breath....
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Post by Dreamer »

What about this?

Post by Guest »

Good suggestion. The thumbnails are a lot more powerful. But most of the time the thumbnails are blank for some wmv files when other wmv file encoded with the same properties are readable. Video file support is not quite there.

Also the stuff is organised by directory and I want to see all media files in on place, no matter the diretcory.

Thanks for the suggestion though...

Anymore suggestions?
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Post by XnTriq »

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another guest

video thumbnailing software

Post by another guest »

2 possible suggestions:

- Video Thumbnails Maker

- Image Grabber II ... rfeatures=

a few comments about each: ... MIT=Search

Sorry for the longish URLs. Have not used them. Not sure if they just thumbnail a single movie and you have to gather the thumbs yourself, or if they can also combine multiple movies.
Might be difficult to choose a single frame to represent a movie.
Good luck.
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Re: Suggestions for video catalouging / thumbnailing software

Post by phobos »

AMD have released a solution close to what I was looking for with Fusion Media Explorer. It's beta and slow (even on my 4Ghz I7). But hopefully it will improve. Otherwise a local application that does the same thing to your local videos as or do for their stored videos. With thumbnails that animate when you mouse over them, with multiple shots from the video, to give you a better idea of what the video contains.