Technical PowerBuilder 10 language

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Technical PowerBuilder 10 language

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Dear all
I'm newcomer of forum. I have a question that need to be help

I am maintaining Warehouse (Depository) Management Application System which is built on PowerBuilder 10.0 environment. At the end of every month, the system will reckon, view and print many data pages. When I want to view and print reports, I must wait so long so that the system can retrieve data. Hence, I want to ask how I can load and process data in datawindow when I view reports.

Supposing I have a report (tabular form), when it retrieves and transfers parameters, and the result of this report is 500 data pages. I must wait 10 minutes in order to I can view (obtain) all 500 data pages of this report or longer whereas users can only view some first pages then they print report. Therefore retrieving data process for displaying data is slow whereas users can view some pages then they print all of pages or some necessary pages.

So I want to ask how can retrieve and only display first pages (of 500 pages of report) so that users can preview, next pages will be chosen by users and continuously retrieving data (loading and display method is proximate to search on Google). In that case, the wait for view and print is not too long if the data is much.

I need some help about this problem. If it has code or some ways of process for this problem, please give me an illustration or send me email.

Thanks & Best regards!
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