Desperating seek a TIF image library!!!

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Desperating seek a TIF image library!!!

Post by peridot1 »

Not hard, I know ... except that what I need is a library that allows for the opening and saving of TIFF images that includes an ordinal number-based DLL.

If anyone know of any product out there, public domain or otherwise, I'd be very greatful to hear about it. This is a serious situation!

Thank you!
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Win DLL ?

Post by Clo »

:arrow: peridot1

:) Hello !

• Do you mean a Windows DLL ? If so, I fear that it isn't that possible, AFAIK only bitmaps (*.BMP), cursors (*.CUR)
and icons (*.ICO) are supported as image resources in these libraries.
- Under other *NIX based OSs, I don't know, maybe could you post in the corresponding section here
if you are running such an OS.

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Post by helmut »

peridot1, as Clo has written already, you have to specify what kind of library you want: Are you looking for a DLL that can contain TIF images. Or is it a programming library for reading and writing TIF images? The latter can be achieved using GFL SDK.

Post by Guest »

should have been clearer ... sorry.

I'm looking for an API or SDK that will let me work with TIF images in a Windows environment. The catch is that it has to be in the old DLL far Pascal format - that is: it needs to use ordinal numbers.

I'll have a look at the one you suggested, halmut. Thank you!