Thanks Pierre

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Thanks Pierre

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Hi Pierre,

I'd just want to express my sincerest thanks for your superb work with XnView. Yes yes, maybe you heard it before, but it's not only the program. Its also your unique polite attitude to us users. Sometimes I think that you are in fact ten people, because you always rapidly answer peoples questions and resolve bugs, even how small and trivial they are. Where do you get the time? And never whine, when we have strange, fastidious requests.

I have not encountered something similar elsewhere on the internet. I wish all service related business would have your attitude towards consumers/users, what a nice world we'd have. So thank you again for an extremely and uttermost splendid work with XnView. Cheers!


PS Oh, I'd forgot to mention, XnView is free too! Where's the catch? :)
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Re: Thanks Pierre

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Thanks to use XnView :-)