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Mp3tag - Freeware

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Mp3tag - Freeware


Mp3tag is a powerful and yet easy-to-use tool to edit metadata (ID3, Vorbis Comments and APE) of common audio formats. It can rename files based on the tag information, replace characters or words from tags and filenames, import/export tag information, create playlists and more. The program supports online freedb database lookups for selected files, allowing you to automatically gather proper tag information for select files or CDs.

Mp3tag supports the following audio formats:

Advanced Audio Coding (aac)
Free Lossless Audio Codec (flac)
Monkey's Audio (ape)
Mpeg Layer 3 (mp3)
MPEG-4 (mp4 / m4a / m4b / iTunes compatible)
Musepack (mpc)
Ogg Vorbis (ogg)
OptimFROG (ofr)
OptimFROG DualStream (ofs)
Speex (spx)
Tom's Audio Kompressor (tak)
True Audio (tta)
Windows Media Audio (wma)
WavPack (wv)

Main features:
Write ID3v1.1-, ID3v2-, APEv2-Tags and Vorbis Comments to multiple files at once
Full Unicode support
Support for embedded cover art
Automatically create playlists
Recursive subfolders support
Remove parts or the entire tag of multiple files
Rename files based on the tag information
Import tags from filenames
Format tags and filenames
Replace characters or words from tags and filenames
Regular Expressions
Export tag information to user-defined formats (like html, rtf, csv, xml)
Import tag information from online databases like freedb or Amazon (also by text-search)
Import tag information from local freedb databases
Support for ID3v2.3 (ISO-8859-1 and UTF-16) and ID3v2.4 with UTF-8
and much more ...
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This is my favourite mp3tagger. The forum is as good as this.
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Anika wrote:This is my favourite mp3tagger. The forum is as good as this.
Yes it is my favourite mp3 tagger to becuase of its customability. Thier forums are very supportive, app was written by a German guy
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Mp3tag 2.41 has been released.

------------ ----------------------------------------------------------------
[2008-04-19] REL: VERSION 2.41 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008)
------------ ----------------------------------------------------------------
[2008-04-12] NEW: support for ITUNESPODCASTCATEGORY at ID3v2 and MP4.
[2008-04-12] NEW: field RATING MM for rating in MediaMonkey style.
[2008-04-12] CHG: TDRL ID3v2 frame (RELEASETIME) now also supported for ID3v2.3.
[2008-04-12] FIX: preview at converter 'Filename - Tag' displayed duplicate entries (since v2.40).
[2008-04-12] FIX: length was not sorted correctly in some cases. On new installations, Mp3tag now sorts by %_length_seconds% numerically.
[2008-04-05] CHG: renamed 'Explorer Shell Extension' to 'Explorer Context Menu' in installer.
[2008-04-05] NEW: option for message before removing of tags.
[2008-04-05] FIX: detection of cover art for display in Tag Panel was case-sensitive and did not detect folder.* including upper-case letters.
[2008-04-04] FIX: refreshing the directory after renaming the directory via an action resulted in empty file list in some cases.
[2008-03-25] FIX: displayed data of previously selected file in Tag Panel when clicking on another file while editing in the file view.
[2008-03-25] NEW: option 'Export duplicate covers' at action 'Export cover to file'.
[2008-03-25] NEW: option 'General > Use natural sorting'.
[2008-03-24] FIX: displayed file size in status bar was wrong after undoing remove file operations.
[2008-03-24] FIX: undo remove file left modified and other technical fields blank.
[2008-03-24] FIX: case conversion on _FILENAME left blank field (introduced in v2.39n).
[2008-03-24] FIX: crash when right-clicking on empty file view column headers.
[2008-03-15] CHG: changed behaviour of F2 and F4 keyboard shortcuts at extended tag dialog.
[2008-03-11] NEW: helper menus for quick access to placeholders and scripting functions at 'View > Columns...'.
[2008-03-10] FIX: action 'Merge duplicate fields' had no effect (since v2.40).
[2008-03-10] FIX: action 'Remove duplicate fields' had no effect (since v2.40).
[2008-03-08] CHG: converter 'Tag - Filename' runs in separate thread now.
[2008-03-08] NEW: 'Utils > Convert Codepage' at freedb dialog.
[2008-03-08] CHG: added mnemonics to filter.
[2008-03-07] FIX: UNSYNCEDLYRICS was truncated to 10 characters (since v2.40).
[2008-03-06] NEW: 'Edit > Undo' runs in separate thread now.
[2008-03-05] FIX: nested subdirectories were not completely removed at undo.
[2008-03-04] FIX: encoding of default HTML export configurations now UTF-8 again (since v2.40).
[2008-03-04] CHG: minor changes to error reporting at export.
[2008-03-03] FIX: preview at converter 'Text file - Tag' displayed duplicate entries (since v2.40).
[2008-03-03] CHG: invalid characters are now automatically removed from the file name at 'Export cover to file' actions.
[2008-03-01] CHG: improved accessibility at extended tags dialog.
[2008-03-01] FIX: navigation to 'Options > Genres' via Tab key was not possible.
------------ ----------------------------------------------------------------
[2008-02-22] REL: VERSION 2.40 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008)
------------ ----------------------------------------------------------------
[2008-02-18] FIX: pasting album art from clipboard did not work in some cases.
[2008-02-16] NEW: option 'Show message at warnings from Actions' at 'Options > Messages'.
[2008-02-15] NEW: 'File > Read tag' runs in separate thread now.
[2008-02-15] FIX: uninstaller did not remove all created shortcuts from the startmenu in some cases.
[2008-02-14] FIX: export in append mode also appended byte order marker to file if option was enabled.
[2008-02-14] FIX: rare crash on multi-core systems on actions that were executed in another thread.
[2008-02-14] FIX: progress dialog got stuck in certain circumstances until interaction with the program.
[2008-02-09] CHG: added error reporting to actions 'Import cover art from file' and 'Import text file'.
[2008-02-09] FIX: action 'Export' did not default to ansi.
[2008-02-09] FIX: action 'Format value' for _DIRECTORY was executed per file.
[2008-02-01] CHG: keyboard shortcut F2 now also works if filename column is disabled.
[2008-01-31] FIX: in some cases pressing the TAB key did not jump to the next editable field in the file view.
[2008-01-30] NEW: completely redesigned dialog for Tag Sources (Web Sources, freedb, and local freedb).
[2008-01-29] FIX: runtime error when removing invalid album art via tag panel.
[2008-01-28] FIX: memory leak when saving flac tags.
[2008-01-10] FIX: saving cover art in APEv2 tags omitted last byte of cover art file.
[2008-01-09] FIX: 'Retry' at renaming of locked files did not have the expected effect.
[2007-12-28] NEW: loading and saving of selection state of action groups.
[2007-12-28] NEW: function 'set' for web sources framework.
[2007-12-25] LNG: Norwegian Language file.
[2007-12-22] NEW: individual action groups can now be executed directly via drop-down menu of actions toolbar button.
[2007-12-22] CHG: improved accessibility at edit action group dialog.
[2007-12-22] FIX: added workaround for HTTP proxies with erroneous implementation of HTTP chunked mode.
[2007-12-22] FIX: fixed various problems due to misplaced/missing formatting parameters in some language files (especially Finnish and Trad. Chinese).
[2007-12-22] CHG: tracknumbers in number format (DWORD) are now automatically converted to string format when saving WMA tags.
[2007-12-21] FIX: runtime error when right-clicking on empty space at the column header of the file view.
[2007-12-18] FIX: reading of RATING WMP did not convert to values 1-5.
[2007-12-18] CHG: WRITER at WMA is mapped to LYRICIST as in other tag formats.
[2007-12-17] FIX: erroneous MPEG properties if Emphasis bit was set.
[2007-12-16] NEW: 'Change directory' now uses new-style dialog under Windows Vista.
[2007-12-16] FIX: import cover from clipboard or via drag'n'drop resulted in reduced image quality.
[2007-12-15] FIX: import cover from clipboard shifted cover by a few pixels in some cases.
[2007-12-15] FIX: always saved only one value for WMA tag fields that support multiple values.
[2007-12-14] CHG: 'ID3v2 only if ID3v1 too small' is now also triggered if tracknumber is > 255 or contains info about total tracks #/##
[2007-12-09] NEW: button to browse for file at action type 'Import cover from file'.
[2007-12-08] NEW: button to browse for file at action type 'Import text file'.
[2007-12-08] FIX: fixed some issues with new column configuration.
[2007-12-08] CHG: ALBUMARTIST is now BAND again since change confused too many users.
[2007-12-07] CHG: improved list of tag fields at extended tag dialog for readability.
[2007-12-07] FIX: tag fields containing = could not be removed via extended tag dialog.
[2007-11-29] NEW: open/save dialog now uses new-style dialog under Windows Vista.
[2007-11-29] CHG: supported operating systems: Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 2008
[2007-11-28] NEW: dialog 'Format values' is resizable now.
[2007-11-28] NEW: dialog 'Guess values' is resizable now.
[2007-11-28] NEW: dialog 'Export cover to file' is resizable now.
[2007-11-28] NEW: dialog 'Import cover from file' is resizable now.
[2007-11-28] NEW: dialog 'Replace' is resizable now.
[2007-11-28] NEW: dialog 'Replace with regular expression' is resizable now.
[2007-11-28] CHG: removed option for case-sensitive sorting (it's not case sensitive by default now).
[2007-11-27] FIX: contents of user-defined fields in the tag panel got reset after changing the tag panel via the options dialog.
[2007-11-18] FIX: global keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Del triggered confirmation dialog on deleting files.
[2007-11-17] CHG: export dialogs now detects changes automatically.
[2007-11-17] FIX: directories created by converter 'Tag - Filename' were not removed at undo.
[2007-11-16] FIX: renaming directories via actions was not undoable.
[2007-11-16] CHG: FLAC 1.2.1
[2007-11-16] CHG: export with enabled option 'One file per directory' not longer depends on order of files in file view.
[2007-11-15] CHG: $num has now a bigger range of values.
[2007-11-14] NEW: mapping of ID3v2 UFID frame with MusicBrainz description to MUSICBRAINZ_TRACKID.
[2007-11-09] FIX: selection at 'Options > Tags > Default values' was not preserved in all cases.
[2007-11-07] FIX: use of | inside $loop at export gave unexpected results.
[2007-11-05] NEW: natural sorting at file list and export.
[2007-11-02] NEW: action type 'Export'.
[2007-10-31] NEW: action type 'Import text file'.
[2007-10-29] CHG: improved accessibility at column configuration dialog.
[2007-10-29] NEW: loading and saving of column configurations.
[2007-10-28] NEW: enabling and disabling of columns in file view.
[2007-10-25] CHG: standard format for cover art from clipboard now JPEG.
[2007-10-25] CHG: improved support for regular expressions at filter.
[2007-10-25] FIX: when adding multiple playlists via drag'n'drop no progress dialog was displayed.
[2007-10-23] NEW: dialog 'Export' is resizable now.
[2007-10-23] CHG: executing files from within Mp3tag now consistent with Windows Explorer.
[2007-10-22] NEW: support for iTunes advisory field for MP4 (ITUNESADVISORY).
[2007-10-22] FIX: action 'Export cover to file' had problems with creating a sequence of file names when exporting multiple covers from one file.
[2007-10-16] NEW: improvements regarding accessibility (menu items can be read by Screen Readers now).
[2007-10-06] LNG: Serbian (Latin) language file.
[2007-10-06] CHG: removed menu item 'Default values in input fields'.
[2007-10-06] CHG: invalid characters are now automatically removed from file names when creating new export configurations.
[2007-10-02] FIX: when sorting the export result with an undefined sort key, the initial order from the file view was not preserved.
[2007-09-29] NEW: tooltips for long items in drop-down lists.
[2007-09-28] NEW: helper menus for quick access to placeholders and scripting functions.
[2007-09-22] CHG: removed obsolete option dialogs for converters and actions.
[2007-09-21] NEW: scripting function $ord(x).
[2007-09-19] FIX: tracknumbers greater than 255 are written as 0 now at ID3v1 because of limitations of ID3v1.
[2007-09-15] FIX: wrong directory in question whether configuration files should be removed during uninstall.
[2007-09-15] FIX: message regarding inproper installation after installation under Windows Vista.
[2007-09-04] NEW: possibility to change language within Mp3tag at 'Options > Language'.
[2007-08-30] NEW: support for iTunes SHOW field at MP4.
[2007-08-30] NEW: support for iTunes sorting fields at ID3v2.2, ID3v2.3, and ID3v2.4 (ALBUMSORTORDER, BANDSORTORDER, COMPOSERSORTORDER, PERFORMERSORTORDER, and TITLESORTORDER).
[2007-08-27] LNG: Galician language file.
[2007-08-27] NEW: option 'Save image to disk' at web sources (uses default file name for cover art).
[2007-08-27] NEW: option 'Default file name for cover art' at 'Options > Tags' (used at web sources).
[2007-08-20] NEW: support for ID3v2.4 TSST frame (SETSUBTITLE).
[2007-08-20] FIX: NETRADIOOWNER was saved to TXXX instead of TRSO at ID3v2.
[2007-08-19] CHG: field ORGANIZATION is mapped to PUBLISHER at Vorbis Comments now.
[2007-08-19] NEW: support for gzip compressed results for web sources.
[2007-08-19] FIX: several improvements at encoding detection for web sources.
[2007-08-19] NEW: keywords url and url-utf-8 for encoding in web sources.
[2007-08-19] FIX: freedb web search only worked with limited functionality.
[2007-08-05] FIX: function $len(...) omitted everything after first comma.
[2007-07-29] FIX: removing of tag fields with trailing blanks was not possible at extended tag dialog.
[2007-07-29] NEW: possibility to create new directories while exporting cover art via an action.
[2007-07-29] LNG: Japanese language file.