a new tool to compress jpg files losslessly

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a new tool to compress jpg files losslessly

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packJPG v2.2 is released today.

What's new:
- around 40% faster compression & decompression
- major improvements to overall compression (around 2% on average)
- reading from stdin, writing to stdout
- smaller executable
- minor bugfixes
- various minor improvements

Based on tests with various randomly selected images, packJPG reaches compression ratios between those of PAQ8L and PAQ8M.

It is a lot faster than both of them. On average, packJPG needs about 90% less time for compression and decompression of a JPEG file than PAQ8L does and about 93% less than PAQ8M does.

More information about packJPG and contact information can be found here:

compression ratio is arround 17% and source code to be released soon :-)
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