Can't open WebP from Windows 7 Explorer

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Can't open WebP from Windows 7 Explorer

Post by Squirrelly »

Windows 7, XnView Classic 2.50.4. XnView is set as the program to handle WebP files. Double clicking a webp file in explorer on windows 7 just brings up the XnView browser window and not the image. And just the default folder too, not even the folder the webp image is in. If you browse to the file in the XnView browser it will open the webp file just fine, or even if you drag and drop the file into the open XnView browser window, it will display. All other image types I use open just fine double clicking them from explorer.

On Windows 10 with 2.50 (I haven't updated it yet on that machine) I can open webp from the explorer just fine. So if there is something I might have configured wrong on Win 7 let me know.

Or perhaps related to the issue here?


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Re: Can't open WebP from Windows 7 Explorer

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it seems that you have an error in the .webp key from registry
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Re: Can't open WebP from Windows 7 Explorer

Post by tikmok »

I am having this problem with Windows 11 as well.

XNview version: 2.51.2
OS: Microsoft Windows 11 Pro

Same behaviors as what the original poster said:
1) Double click .webp image from file explorer
2) XNView opens in browser mode in the default path (not the image)

Attempts to work around:
1) Switching the default "Open" application to paint seems to work fine, switching back to XNview doesn't fix this problem.
2) Reinstalling doesn't help (although I didn't uninstall and then install from scratch)

Work around that worked:
1) Open XNview in admin mode
2) In the "System integration" setting, Add XNview to "Send to" context menu
3) Open this particular file type using the Send to option.