Browser Filter retention

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Browser Filter retention

Post by groobo »

Great viewer, especially with the convert capability, thanks for the great work.

One functionality bug that bothers me every now and then:
When filters are in use, for example show all tagged files – it works properly as advertised – only tagged files are shown in the browser list.

After exiting the viewer (session not saved per preferences) the filters remain in effect. That is oftentimes confusing, especially when I forget that the filters were set in my previous session. It can get even worse. When I start the viewer by double-clicking a file that does not belong to the previous filter result, blank screen appears. Only resetting the filters returns the viewer to normal operation.

IMHO, filters should reset after program termination. That could be set via preference also,if people are used to this behavior.
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Re: Browser Filter retention

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But if you choose 'Images', i think that it must be restored?