Folder Rename bug in Favourites under Tree pene

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Folder Rename bug in Favourites under Tree pene

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System: WIndows 10, latest patch, 64bits
Application: XnView 2.49.1 FULL

How to reproduce this bug

* Load up XnView Classic in browser mode
* If you have nothing in the Favourites section in the Tree pene, "Add Favourite" a folder with one or more subfolders
* Change the view of the Tree pene to Favourites

* In the Tree pene, select one of the favourites (which has one or more subfolders) and expand it (by clicking the + button or using the + key).
* Select one of the subfolders
* Press F2 for rename, which the name of the subfolder would change into the rename textbox
* Change the name of the subfolder and press enter to finalize it
* The name of the subfolder would be displayed as the new name, as if a rename was done successfully
* However, if you select the parent folder with the subfolders listed in the right panel, you would find that the name of the renamed subfolder is not changed, while the new name is still displayed on the left panel if you have not collapsed the tree.
* If you refresh the Favourites by collapsing and expanding the folder tree, the name of that changed folder is reverted to the old one.

* F2 rename interface is not properly hooked to the rename function in the Favourites view.
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Re: Folder Rename bug in Favourites under Tree pene

Post by xnview »

it's an error, you can't rename folder in favorites pane