Related to range selection of the image

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Related to range selection of the image

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Dear XnView team,

Here comes an issue description I have found so far in XnView v2.48 (previous versions like 2.40 behave the same way).

I start with opening test.png image and selecting a range of the image with mouse left button pressed:
Now without depressing left mouse button I press e.g. Alt-Tab and switch to another Windows application. When I press Alt-Tab once more time to return to XnView, I see that range selection is still active, i.e. the user can continue with changing the selection range. When I click left mouse button, the range seems to be set up, but in fact it is not:
  • If I switch to "Browse" tab and back, the selection is gone.
  • I can start making another selection (better to say "visually creating another selection"):

When I place the mouse outside the selection but in the same horizontal / vertical axes as selection boundaries, it is possible to change the selection width/height. Is it by design?

It would be nice if one should move the selection (partially) outside the image:
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