Pics are rotated and correction isn't saved

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Pics are rotated and correction isn't saved

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I've searched the posts and I can't find this exact topic.
Got this alert to update the program now the pics are downloaded laying rotated to the right 1 click.
When I correct it and save it the save doesn't stick. It reverts back.
I've followed the advice I found in similar posts to delete and reinstall it and I've tried the zip file as well.
Can this be corrected or do I have to find a new picture processing program?
(that's going to hurt, I don't have time to learn a new program and this one is AWESOME)
I would like the version I downloaded in October 2018 - it didn't have this problem. Is there a link to download that?
Incidentally, the pics are from my phone. It's a Note 8.
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Re: Pics are rotated and correction isn't saved

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with previous version you had no problem?? Please send me a sample file?