no/wrong file type for XnView IPTC template (*.IPT , *.IPTC)

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no/wrong file type for XnView IPTC template (*.IPT , *.IPTC)

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some days ago i used graphic tool XnView to add meta information to some
JPEG pictures. The used meta information type i used is called IPTC as
described on XnView Wiki page by URL:

I test it with classic XnView version 2.43 and new XnView MP version
0.89 with Windows 8.1 and 10 64-bit.

By Hot-key Ctrl-I screen is opened which is called "export IPTC data"
in classic version or "edit IPTC/XMP" in MP version. In classic
version data can be exported/imported in binary form by menu entry
"save template" or "load template" with file name extension ".IPT".

In MP version only import is possible by "load template V1" menu
entry. But this version can import/export the IPTC information as XML
structures inside files with extension ".IPTC".

But these 2 file types are not registered inside Windows. That means no
type description, characteristic icon nor mime type for these templates.

And even worse there is name extension collision. I have also installed
RECOIL, a graphic viewer for some old exotic graphic formats. This
software is found at According to sub
page formats.html for Commodore 64 Interpaint ( resolution 160x200 with
16 colors) ".IPT" file name extension gets registered by this software
by registry key "recoilwin.file". So for XnView "IPT" examples i got
wrong icon of recoilwin.exe program.

In my opinion every software should register file types ( that means
registry key like "XnView.ipt", description, specific icon, mime type,
etc.) for data files that are created by program. During process of
file type registration installer should also check for type collisions
and offer a solution for that problems.

I hope that in future versions of installer "IPT" and "IPTC" file
types are registered as part of XnView graphic software.