Creating and renaming a new folder

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Creating and renaming a new folder

Postby jeeg » Fri Sep 29, 2017 6:46 pm

I found a little bug. Very little but new. The precious version didn't have it.

We have FolderA and FolderB.
Xn view is showing the content of folderA
If in the folders view I right click on FolderB and choose "create new folder" a new sub folder of FolderB is created but I cannot rename it immediately. The new folder get the standard name "New folder" but the focus of Xnview immediately goes back to FolderA without let me rename the new sub folder of FolderB.
In the past if I did the same steps the new subfolder was created and xnview was waiting me to rename the new folder.

The only way to create and rename a new subfolder of FolderB is to be in FolderB when right clicking. In this case a new folder is created and xnview is asking me to choose the name of it.

Strange. I hope you understand me because it's hard to explain. Remeber that I use Xnview in italian so I'm using english terms that could be wrong in the real englich interface.


Posts: 58
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Re: Creating and renaming a new folder

Postby jeeg » Sat Sep 30, 2017 12:44 pm

Today the bug is disappeared!
I have to investigate more to understand when it happens.
I have no idea now.

Sorry for the moment. As soon as I discovered what make it happens I will write a post here.

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