Batchmode & displaying images of diff. dirs

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Batchmode & displaying images of diff. dirs

Post by Reginald »

Hi, all users of XnView:

I would like to use xnview in batchmode and supply it with a list
of images which are in different directories. Xnview then should
display these images as thumbnails.
It would be even better if I could just provide xnview with the name
of a file which lists the images to be displayed!
Why all this trouble: Well, I am constructing a mysql-Database of my
5000+ slides. According to the search criteria chosen, a certain
number of images will be found and written to a file. This file should
be the input of xnview which should then display the images as
thumbnails. The whole script should be in Perl or PHP. I do think
that joining the capabilities of mysql and xnview, one could really
make a small, but decent imagement management system.

Regards, Reginald
Reginald, U. of Konstanz, Germany
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Post by crazytb »

I don't know how to use them, but you should take a look at "nconvert" and "GFL SDK", specially this one. With "GFL SDK", you can have almost all functionality of XnView and nconvert in your program. Other people could help you with it.