conversion from JPG to WebP?

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conversion from JPG to WebP?

Post by feuerland »

what is a good conversion tool from JPG to WebP? Where you can still make settings?
I use XnView Classic XnView v2.51.5

If I save a JPG with 594 kB as WebP with XnView, it becomes 3.43 MB. What is XnView doing wrong?

If I use an online tool, a 594 kB JPG becomes a 432 kB WebP. However, I cannot make any settings online.
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Re: conversion from JPG to WebP?

Post by xnview »

you can change the webp quality in settings
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Re: conversion from JPG to WebP?

Post by JiyaHana »

Experiment with compression settings such as quality, target size, etc. in XnConvert or other specialized software to attain a balance between file size and image quality. Different settings might yield better results and for image compression jpeg compressor and there are a lot of compression application available in internet which compress images, supporting various kind of images and they convert too.
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Re: conversion from JPG to WebP?

Post by Bosrmak »

That's what I use. I create JPG graphics in Gimp and then convert them to webp in Xnview - with 80% settings

It preserves much lighter files with almost the same quality.
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