Save vs. Save Playlist

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Save vs. Save Playlist

Post by JimSpy »

In Slide Show creation, what is the difference between Save and Save Playlist? I thought perhaps "playlist" referred to a list of songs that can be included in the slide show, which would be great - I have need for more than one song during my show. Is that an option?
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Re: Save vs. Save Playlist

Post by nealthompson »

Hello, as far as I know, when you click on "Save" in the Slide Show creation, it allows you to save the current configuration of your slide show, including the selected images, transition effects, timing, and other settings. This option saves your slide show as a single file, typically with an extension like ".sld" or ".slideshow". You can later open this file in XnView to resume the slide show from where you left off.

The "Save Playlist" option is specifically related to audio files in the slide show. If you have added background music to your slide show, the "Save Playlist" option allows you to save the playlist of songs associated with the slide show. This means that when you save the playlist, the software remembers the order and details of the songs you have selected to be played during the slide show. The playlist is typically saved as a separate file, often with an extension like ".m3u" or ".playlist".