No HEIC support?

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No HEIC support?

Post by Farbauti »

Hi there,

According to the Xn Classic supports heic/heif files.
I updated to the latest version ( XnView 2.51.2 for Windows ).
I also purchased Microsoft's HEVC extension.

Now XnView can (at least) display the thumbnail - but it cannot open the file.
Why is that?
What did I wrong?

Regards, Tom.
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Re: No HEIC support?

Post by xnview »

You need to use XnView MP for full HEIC support
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Re: No HEIC support?

Post by captaincavern »

You can probably use ifheic susie plugin from github, Does not work for me because I use an operating system that is too old for this plugin but should work with newer ones (7 and up). Put ifheic.spi in XnView's Plugins folder and try.
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Re: No HEIC support?

Post by dmtn »

xnview wrote: Tue May 16, 2023 9:25 am You need to use XnView MP for full HEIC support
as similar imageview softwares are more popular for lightweight versions, such as faststone viewer, honeyview, irfanview, imagine viewer (by Sejin Chun), etc., you can really consider to have similar format support and functions in the classic version, not MP