excess refreshing (or something) in browser

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excess refreshing (or something) in browser

Post by midnightrambler »

Whenever I do anything in the browser view – rename a file, open one, rotate, etc. – the green progress bar appears in the bottom right corner like it's refreshing the whole folder. I have a pretty good processor so it doesn't slow things down too much as it goes, but it's kind of annoying, especially because when saving an image the file goes to the end of the thumbnail list and doesn't return to its proper sort order until the refresh is done.

I'm using Windows 11 on a new computer; it didn't do this on my previous one which was running Windows 10. I checked all the settings and they are the same. Tried disabling and re-enabling XnView's caching and that didn't make any difference. Anybody know what's going on here? Is it possibly a Windows file setting?

ETA: I have an SSD and an i7 processor, but it still takes at least 12 seconds for whatever it's doing to finish in a folder with only 600 photos (it's faster in smaller folders). By contrast, disabling and reenabling Windows' indexing on my entire photos directory (34,000 files, 64 Gb), which I tried to see if that was the source of the problem, took the same amount of time.
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Re: excess refreshing (or something) in browser

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do you use the cache? Which sort option do you use? no file written in this folder?