.fax files that cannot be opened with XnView

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.fax files that cannot be opened with XnView

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Dear XnView Experts,
we have a problem . For a few year we could open .fax files with the XnView. Today - no more. We get error message:
The format of the file was not recognized.
We did try to open many files. Some files we can open if we change the name to x.tif (with Windows Photo Editor) or to x.pdf (with Adobe Reader). But some files we cannot open at all.
Some files we can open but - we get displayed not full form but white line as wide as the page. NOthing more.

Strange is - the same problem have all users in our company - they work on laptops, PCs or terminal server. All of them have get the error at the same moment.

I've tried to open the files with another app - it's not possible.
Does have anybody an Idea what can we do?

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Re: .fax files cannot be opened with XnView

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Are you able to provide an example file that you can't open?

The current file attachment size limit is 2MiB, and you will need to put it in a ZIP or similar archive in order to attach it, otherwise to a file hosting service and provide the link.