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Always reload thumbnails

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Is it possible to save the thumbnails into a small file in each directory like ACDsee to load the thumbnails faster? When you open a directory with many pictures you must wait to see all thumbnails. I think this is a very important feature. Or not?

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Re: Always reload thumbnails

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schlaubi25 load the thumbnails faster?
In XnView a so called cache is available which can hold a copy of the thumbnails for fast display. The cache "remembers" each directory that you browsed and its thumbnails and stores the thumbnails. When browsing a directory, again, the thumbnails will load much quicker since they are loaded from the cache.
By default, the caching is disabled, you activate the caching in the options:
Tools->Options, Category "Browser->Cache". Check "Enable caching".

In the browser you should see the thumbnails being displayed much quicker - especially for network drives.

As written above the cache is filled automatically and step-by-step while browsing a directories. You cannot explicetely load a whole drive (e.g. C:\) and all its subdirectories explicetely.