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Re: Donation

Post by helmut »

heraldo wrote:Is it possible to get the donation paypal page served in English or other languages (user agant sniff)?
Hmm, from what I can see there's a problem with the language setting.

@Pierre: In the HTML it should say:

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<input type=hidden name="lc" value="US">

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<input type=hidden name="lc" value="GB">
A temporary workaround is:
1.) Login to Paypal
2.) Click on "Send money"
3.) Specify Image as recipient.
4.) Enter amount
5.) Select purpose "Service"
6.) As subject specify "XnView donation"
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Re: Donation

Post by heraldo »

Ok, thanks Helmut! I just used your string to modify the donation button page source in the browser (Opera), then the button sends the user to the English Paypal page :)
Thanks for a great program Pierre :D
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Re: Batch Despeckle?

Post by bdragon »

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XnTriq wrote:
bdragon wrote:Also, while normally i don't use this for work i appreciate the help and since this specific scan was for work i'm buying XnView MP right now.
Pierre will be happy to hear that :-D
If pierre is listening: I paid for XnView MP instead of donating for XnConvert because if i have to give you every kind of information including vat number and also pass in a fourth-man hoop before donating... might as well buy from an official store.

Usually giving you information and VAT is handled by Paypal.

Including getting back a VAT receipt.

Since the only option is paypal, setting up a fourth man to collect my information while there is already paypal as a third man... is not appreciated at all.
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Re: Donation

Post by XnTriq »

bdragon wrote:Since the only option is paypal, setting up a fourth man to collect my information while there is already paypal as a third man... is not appreciated at all.
How about PayPal.Me, Pierre?
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Re: Donation

Post by tcosmas »

Okay. I just Donated. Where do I find the Registration Code??!!
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Re: Donation

Post by xnview »

there is no registration code for donation...
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Re: Donation

Post by waverly »


Just donated. I had trouble figuring out how to donate; there are a bunch of different threads asking how, including this one. (I did not notice the tiny little "donate" button on xnview dot com's front page.)

So, just want to let others know that as of right now (July 2022), the URL in the first post of this thread ( still works for donating. It sends you to mycommerce dot com where you can enter credit card information or use PayPal. Very easy. 👍

I suggest that the XnView website might want to make that link a little more obvious.
Another issue is that, at least in my desktop Firefox and desktop Chrome, the "product carousel" link right above the donate button actually overlaps it, preventing the user from clicking the button normally.