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Feature request - Create Multi-page

Post by DThody »

I use the feature "Create Multi-page" a lot, but would like it to have a more friendly option on how to use.

I would like to be able to select a group of image files, either in Explorer or XnView Browser, then right-click and choose 'Create Multi-page'. Then have the Multi-page dialog come up with the selected files already added (in name order - or the sort order specified in the XnView options), the destination directory preset to the directory where the selected group of files are, and the only mandatory input prior to selecting 'create' being the desired file name, and that could be left as the last chosen filename (allowing a minimal edit if doing related files).

Currently have to browse to the files to select, and browse to the destination folder. Both are time consuming. I think the current tool bar implementation should remain as is, with the destination directory & default directory for browse to files remaining as the last chosen. With those items being dynamically preset as above specified only on the right click implementation


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Re: Feature request - Create Contact sheet

Post by helmut »

I think you mean "Create Contact sheet". I strongly agree: Currently, the user interface is not consistent in this area: When using Slide show, and Multi-convert, one can select files in the browser which then will be displayed in the file list, already. For "Create Contact sheet this does not work. And "Create Web pages" and "Sequence convert" work on the files selected in the browser, only, one cannot select further files or directories in the browser.

So we have three different ways for handling multiple files, which is not good.

Post by Guest »

Yes multipage is doesn't work all program exit when i try it.

I try tools-create multipage and when i select folders and everything else and "create" program exit or make somekind of bad file "problem is same kind of before in Tiff files creator.
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Multi-Page feature

Post by DThody »

Helmut - I do mean create multi-page (not contact sheet) - I regularly use XnView to create multi-page tiffs from either single page tiff or .c4 files, and am asking for a friendlier way to select the files I want to convert.
Tools | Create Multi-page... is the function being referenced.
Apparently a similar abilty to what I am requesting is available for the Slide show and Multi-convert functions - based on your reply.
My feature request was previously submitted to the email based newsgroup sometime back, and since I am no longer being able to connect to the email based one - I submitted request again on this newsgroup.
To Pierre - if you can implement this as a right click function in Windows Explorer (in addition to the XnView browser) - that would be the most preferred implementation (by me).
Note: I realize that many users might not use or desire this function - so maybe it should be an option to be turned on in the preferences (if desired) - so as not to fill up the right click menu unnecessarily for those who would not use it.