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xnview nested folders watching

Post by dualmonitorprobs »

OK, so i have a folder of videos. in this folder are sub folders of videos. I have another program that creates and saves videos multiple times a day to the folder structure. Problem is that it saves everything into the DATE. So folders are all like /PARENT/2020-01-25 , /PARENT/2020-01-26, etc

If i drop a video into /PARENT/ the watched folder works as designed.
If i drop a video into /PARENT/2020-01-25/ the video does not render
If i restart the slideshow after dropping a video into /PARENT/2020-01-25/ THEN it does pick up the video.

What i want is that "watched folders" can encompass and watch any sub-directories.
Is this possible? to have watched sub directories WITHOUT a player restart?
The idea is that its dynamic and i only have to modify the slide show once, and not restart it multiple times a day to pick up new items. Just let me know if its technically possible, based on how you are watching the folders. It may be a feature request, i understand that. But is it possible?