Xnview needs a follow

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Xnview needs a follow

Post by dzittin »

When I view a tabbed photo, I proceed to the next photo using the right arrow. I may move through dozens, even hundreds of photos before choosing a keeper I want to post-process.

Sometimes I find a collection of adjacent photos and I want to assign potential keepers to a tab so I can compare similar photos, side-by-side. If I am dozens of photos beyond where I started on the "browser" panel, I have to spend time figuring out my new position on this panel to acquire similar photos.

Sometimes I want to close all tabs and resume later and it's time consuming to figure out where I left off when I come back after hours or days.

It would be nice to have an option where the icons in the "browser" panel are updated, newly selected, as I click on the arrow and proceed through each tabbed photo. If this were the case, it would easy to figure out where I left off.