joining in batch process

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joining in batch process

Post by megetious69 »

so just curious if there could be a joining feature added to batch processes to basicly select multiple folders that are already outer size resolution sorted in another program but to have setings for joining in sets of 2 or whatever odd/even number
rather than haveing to do each step 1 by 1
"set-pair"then "within folder"aka "source folder"
as a batch process this could be awesome way of cuting down time and sqweezeing aka compressing files by sets of 2/3/4/5 to whatever number chose especialy when you got some million freakin pictures to join to cut your number of items down
and not too concerned if they match or not odd numbers leave the one out remaining in source to be resorted and joined another way
just figureing though it could be awesome to have the joining in batch process too to make it all go faster especialy for lower sized resolution measures--

another way even for mp
been thinking
step one remove the green back arrow from thumbveiw panel to even out the top row with the following rows
step 2 add a row count and row selection box check markable for inclusion
to allow the rows to be used for joining as one picture per row "based on thumb size appearence" ie how many items fit to each row
step 3 click join as normal if they add batch option in join panel to =each row as one picture following other setings in the join panel
step 4 dont create tabs for each save hint autosave+autoname but open folder after done

equaling saveing hours of time in the joining process

-let me know what ya think