batch rename enumerator auto-reset

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batch rename enumerator auto-reset

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I like my files named

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{EXIF:Date Taken [Ymd]}_###
But I wish the option to reset the enumerator when {EXIF:Date Taken [Ymd]} changes, so to restart from 1 (0 or whatever) when the date changes, to have something like
20210104_001.jpg, 20210104_002.jpg, 20210104_003.jpg, 20210105_001.jpg, 20210105_002.jpg
instead of
20210104_001.jpg, 20210104_002.jpg, 20210104_003.jpg, 20210105_005.jpg, 20210105_006.jpg
that is the default. Is this possible?
Thank you
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Re: batch rename enumerator auto-reset

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sorry but currently no way