Better support for FLAK files

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Better support for FLAK files

Post by ghostview »

Thanks for an excellent product !

Two small suggestions I have in regard to FLAK files...

FLAK files are of course predominantly audio files
...but they can also have an image component and as a result, Xnview seems to treat them in a slightly odd way

If I have a folder containing FLAK files then XnView treats each file as an image file when I'm browsing inside the folder
...this is nice because it shows me an image thumbnail for each file
...but it's not so nice because when I double click the file to play the audio it still treats the file as an image
...and so I just see the expanded image
...I can ofc do "right click > open with > associated program" instead of double clicking
...but it would be better if xnview treated FLAKs as audio files when opening (as it does for say WAV files)

When browsing that same folder from outside the folder does treat the contained FLAK files as audio files seems to "forget" that it created an image thumbnail for each file such it will not form a folder thumbnail from any of the files inside because they are not "image files"
...I could manually create my own image file to represent the FLAKs it contains and put that in the folder
...but it would be better if xnview picked up on the fact that it already created suitable thumbnails for this purpose and did it automatically

(ofc XnView is intended as an image viewer but I have to confess I find it an absolutely superb replacement for file explorer when browsing all my I'm using it as an explorer for all images, video files and now, audio files...once you set the thumbnails up to "nice sizes" it really is a tremendous product for sifting through all your media files !).

Cheers !