Wheel zoom causes image/cursor re-position

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Wheel zoom causes image/cursor re-position

Post by PaulJayD »

I've just abandoned Irfanview for your XnView, and am getting used to the differences.
The primary reason for the switch is the ability to zoom only with the mouse wheel. This is imperative for me.
However, I find that if the image being zoomed is not full-height or full-width, the zoom causes the image to re-position under the cursor.
I find this jarring and disconcerting.
I believe it would be better to keep the same image pixel(s) beneath the cursor (and of course, the cursor in the same place on the screen) when zooming, regardless of the zoomed image size.

Please consider this suggestion.
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Re: Wheel zoom causes image/cursor re-position

Post by xnview »

currently when zooming with wheel, it zoom at cursor position
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Re: Wheel zoom causes image/cursor re-position

Post by Anibina »

Here's another bug report that includes a screen recording of when/how the issue occurs.

Zoom to/from the mouse pointer at any zoom level

It only occurs when the image is smaller than the XnView MP window.