Extension of "descript.ion"

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Extension of "descript.ion"

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I use the "descript.ion" file to store basic information about images. Usually I modify it manually before archiving (store on external media) to add some information about directory or group of images. Unfortunately this additions are lost when file is changed by xnview.
I think that option "keep info about not existing files in descript,ion" should be useful.
Some examples of my descript.ion extension:

"." Album or directory information (i.e. "My family on holidays") - The "." means "current directory", so this is a good place to store global information,
"" Note (i.e. "Taken 2018-08-14 to 2008-09-02") - "Unnamed file" used as a note line,
IMG_39816.JPG Image info (i.e. "Sea and sun") - Standard description.

This is pretty compatible, because information about not-existing files is ignored by default.
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Re: Extension of "descript.ion"

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could you send me an extended descript.ion