Slideshow. Delay sequences for each photo.

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Slideshow. Delay sequences for each photo.

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Often I need to synchronize photos with sound in different delay sequence. Unfortunately, I can input only one delay time for all slideshow. I tried to find a way out by using 1 sec delay with repeating same photos in slideshow many times (Oh, God!) but it caused synchronization problem. So, 1 sec in this case really was not itself... By the way, this is a second huge problem that I can't do fine synchronization in this way even: I set other CPU speed and synchronization glorks, I put monitor to portrait mode and here we go — the same thing.
As another solution it might be ability to add to slideshow already created .sld files so that each switch of photo will be in different time delay that was set in separate .sld files and common slideshow sequence will not exit to system workaround until last .sld in the list finish.