Speeding Up The "File already exists" dialog

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Speeding Up The "File already exists" dialog

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I have a lot of photos on old hard drives from previous machines. I would like to move them all to a single drive and sort them into folders. But I am running into a lot of duplicate pictures. Using XNView Classic, whenever I encounter a duplicate, I get the "File already exists" dialog. I have to click on the "Compute MD5 checksum" box, visually compare the two checksums, and then click the Replace button. This can take a long time if you have a lot of duplicates to compare.

I would like a configurable option to automatically compute the MD5 checksums on duplicate files and automatically do the replace if the file sizes and checksums match. It would also be nice if there was a hotkey assigned to the Rename button for cases when the files are different. Right now, the Cancel button is the only one that has a hotkey assigned it. This would considerably speed up what is now a long and tedious sorting and filing process.

I realize that MD5 checksums are not 100% reliable, but I am willing to accept the risk if it would speed up the filing process.

If you are not comfortable with automatically doing the file replace, then adding hotkeys to the buttons along with a configurable option to always compute the MD5 checksums on duplicate files would be the next best thing.
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Re: Speeding Up The "File already exists" dialog

Post by XnTriq »

Welcome to the pack, LD. I support this request.