Keep tiled / cascaded views to add one more…

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Keep tiled / cascaded views to add one more…

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:arrow: Pierre

• Hello Pierre!

- This thread is related to the issue #1 expressed in this topic.

- First, I have to bring more information about the misbehaviour that is described in the aforesaid thread.
- I tested in order to add a new child-window from a thumb-nail by 2-click, while I had minimized all tiled (or cascaded) views before.
:( The same thing : even the views set as icons are fired by the last view opened from the browser…
Let's notice that sometimes, the browser is shown as an icon too and tiled, sometimes it isn't…

• Since there is no solution by using the views as icons, I thought that we could get one from the file-tabs :
- As soon as we have at least two views open, we could get a couple of tabs as “Open All” and “Close All” from an option.

- The “Open All” tab could be configured to set all open pics as Cascade / Tiled H / Tiled V… etc. in the children-windows; no more than the existing commands of the Window menu, simple to add.
- The “Close All” tab could be the same command than in the “File” menu…
- Hence, when adding a new view (which shall fire the children-windows), just pressing the “Open All” tab restores the tiled (or cascaded) views, plus the last one you added.
- The simplest workaround I thought to…

• I don't wish to bore the readers with some configuration-details for this, so I will send them to you via email ;)

:mrgreen: Kind regards,
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