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Wish list 01

Post by Frederic »

Hello people, sorry is some of the following has appeared here already. It is my first visit to the forum and I could not go through all the postings.

The XnView browser is very promising. I am using it in parallel with Irfan, and learning some of its stronger points. I have to publish dozens of pictures per day, many from obscure news sources, and mainly need image enhancement. The "Effects" of XnView are excellent, especially "Enhance". One thing that is missing is one-click colour and brightness-contrast correction.

A couple of things that need quick fixing:

1. "Effects" definitely needs a button, also it would be nice to have key combinations for individual effects.

2. The Effects dialog always comes up on top of the picture, so in order to do anything you have to always first move it. Make the program remember the last position.

3. On "Resize" it should remember the last width and offer it. Very often people want to resize a whole bunch of pictures to the same size; very seldom they want to resize it to the original size of the picture (i.e. leave the size unchanged, which is what XnView is offering).

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Folks, please post single topics per issue, not wishlists. Answering and replying is much easier, then. See Rules & Guidelines..