Some proposals of improvement for XnView (and XnView MP)

Ideas for improvements and requests for new features in XnView Classic

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Some proposals of improvement for XnView (and XnView MP)

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Compliments for this great software. I would propose some improvements.

- The Modification Date of the file in the status bar of the browser and in the image viewer would be very appreciated.

- In the Quick slideshow with Random direction, pressing Backspace would be great if one could return to the last image viewed, and with Space to go to the next random image. Very great.

- Also an hotkey (like ALT+S) for the Quick slideshow would be appreciated.


- If I have two opened tabs, and in one of this I active the Quick slideshow, then I switch to the other tab, then to the previous one, the Quick slideshow button remains pressed, but the slideshow stops.