Adjustable color reduction and color swap in palette

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Adjustable color reduction and color swap in palette

Post by segafan »

i really like the color reduction tool in XnView, but i would sometimes need reduce amount of colors to little bit less than 256, but not so low as 128. At the moment there's no way to do that. Would be possible to add there simple slider or fillable box for adjusting the desired amount of colors?
Just one sidenote to color reduction tool - not sure how dithering method selection works when LIBIMAGEQUANT box is checked as i don't see any difference between dithering methods and when none is selected there is still some dithering noticable.

Also would be nice to have chance to do simple swap of position of 2 colors in "edit palette" tool. I need to have some of colors on fixed positions, but same time i don't want to loose any color from the actual palette. Selection of 2 colors (with ALT key?) and click on some "swap button" or do right-click and choose "swap" would be really handy.

thanks in advance