Global Request & Suggestion list *Read this first*

Ideas for improvements and requests for new features in XnView Classic

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Global Request & Suggestion list *Read this first*

Post by helmut »

Dear XnView users!

The XnView forum and it's community is growing and many good suggestions and ideas are placed here and are discussed. This is very good and most appreciated!

What's the purpose of this list?
With all the suggestions and requests it's getting harder for the author to keep track of all the suggestions, so we have decided to setup a global list with all the requests and ideas.

How do new entries make it into this list?
If you have a suggestion or request, make sure you first browse this global list and search the forum to see whether your suggestion/request has been already made. If you can't find it, then start a new topic and post your request. Please do not write suggestions in this topic.

After some discussion has been going on regarding your new feature, you can ask to add your feature request in this Global Request & Suggestion list. For this, simply place a post with a link to your topic, here. We will add your entry to the list, then, and remove the appropriate post.

If possible, please use this format:

Code: Select all

[url=]- Smooth image ahead[/url]
How to do it:

1. Type "- <topic name>", e.g. "- Smooth image ahead"
2. Select whole text and press URL button
3. Add "=<link>", e.g. "[url=]- Smooth image ahead[/url]"
4. Select whole text and press Code button

You can also mention category (Browser, View mode, General, Options, NConvert, ShellEx).

Requests for bug fixes will not be added to this list, there is a separate list "Must fixes" for next release".

What impact has this list on XnView development?
This list is updated and driven by the forum moderators. If a feature is listed, it does not mean that it will make into one of the next releases. The order of the entries gives a rough indication of the benefit and the importance of a feature how the moderators see it. This has no/little effect on what the author of XnView (Pierre) will actually put into a new release.

19 Apr. 2006:
The list is open to public, now. Still, many requests are missing. Dreamer, Pierre, and I will add entries on demand.


Helmut / Dreamer
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Post by Dreamer »

Global Requests & Suggestions list

DX: = XnView Deluxe feature - more here

XnView - Browser
- Dual pane file browser... [Topic 1] [Topic 2]
- Edit custom files in custom programs
- Space key to select custom files/folders
- Use single-click to view image(s) / enter folder(s)
- Thumbnails & Details view - improvements
- Left/Right as PgUp/PgDown in Details view
- Add a toolbar button "Change drive"
- Edit Favourites enhancement
- Sort Favourites
- Gamma Corrected Thumbnails
- Gamma correction for preview
- Add [..] also at the end of the thumbnail-listing
- Show icons in XnView contextmenu
- Fully customizable colors in Browser
- File already exists: skip all...
- Indication of "cut" files...
- Option request for folder thumbnails
- Minor cosmetic sugg. on thumbnail borders
- Drag image from Preview to copy/move to other application
- Load only displayed Thumbnails to improve performance with large folders
- Still missing sort by options
- Moving files within folder (sort by custom order)
- XNView-Categories export to IPTC-Keywords
- Cut/copy and paste files and folders in browser (Can't move or copy folder)
- Show 4 images for movie thumbnails
- Thumbnail size to fit screen/scrolling sreenwise
- Can you use Back/Forward buttons on mouse in Browser Window
- Quick filtering in browser
- Separate label definitions for folder thumbs
- Folder information in status bar
- Custom Preview information pane tab & Properties tab
- Remember tab state on xnview exit
- more information on folder thumbs

XnView - View mode / Fullscreen
- Full screen with "hot areas" for mouse cursor
- Smooth image ahead
- Improve Loading responsiveness
- Speed up High Quality zooming, with less RAM
- Faster switch between Normal and Fullscreen views
- More UNDOs and REDOs
- Outline and Opacity also for Fullscreen/Slideshow
- Fit in, Fit over
- Moving - infinite moving and numpad hotkeys
- Automatically move large images in fullscreen
- Lossless crop improvements
- Smart cropping when rotating images
- "Horizon" for de-skewing image
- Navigation with minimap
- Hanning filter for resizing
- "File Handling" page for View / Fullscreen mode
- Zoom in/out-Mouse wheel down/up? (option)
- Fullscreen information - auto-hide
- The so missing Basic brush tool
- Drawing Lines & Arrows
- Possibility to change color of selection resize fields
- View 2 images side by side in fullscreen mode
- Reqst: Loupe
- Slide show like real slides: zoom into square target area
- Grid Options
- Lock "Auto image size"
- Crop improvement ? (shading the area outside the selection)
- Auto-Backup for JPGlossless cropping
- selection rectangle expanding when scrolling the view
- moving pasted selection
- selection rectangle snap to border
- better keep resize values
- Automatically recreate the thumbnail after lossless crop
- Mouse SIDE Buttons Move Back & Forward (View & Fullscren Modes)
- 'Ken Burns' Transition effect

XnView - General
- DX: 'Create' toolbar button (with sub-items)
- DX: Thumbnail view in File list (from Slide Show dialog)
- DX: Create AVI/PDF/Flash/CD/VCD/SVCD
- DX: Print preview
- Hotkeys / Shortcuts Request List
- Custom Hotkeys / Shortcuts - [Topic 1] [Topic 2]
- Web page creation with preview
- Saving with estimated file size
- Language in text files instead of DLL (smaller in file size and easier for translators)
- Adding logos to images (for copyright branding). Transparency should be supported, too.
- Single hotkey to make a screenshot immediately and save
- Auto-Dock XnView window to edges of the screen option
- Random Viewing / Transition Effects hotkeys
- m3u file list support
- Better Names for Open With programs
- Font files support
- "Picture walking" mode...
- "Clean Metadata" to Batch convert
- Change status bar system
- Cache maintainance: sortable columns & include/exclude l
- Visual batch crop
- Standard colour values when changing gamma or contrast etc.
- Standard Values for JPG-Compression and EXIF/IPTC settings
- Delete button in Tool Bar
- hide/move title-/toolbar
- more toolbar buttons
- doubleclick opens browser and closes tab
- Add & cut off margins
- REQ for My Places Bar support
- Background audio comments
- save complete multi-page file (in addition to the current option, which saves only the one displayed page)
- Make a snapshot - command line options
- Dual Core Support
- Search by aspect ratio (to find wallpaper)
- Zoom in Videos
- Slide Show Audio suggestions
- MIDI support for slide shows
- Import function for WIA incompatible Devices
- EXIF lossless rotation
- Better IPTC support
- Improved Search for ISO, Exif Date, Camera Model etc.
- Stackable tabs (ie. more than one row)
- Save also other options to Script
- Keyboard shortcuts in slideshow
- "Subfolder for converted files" (from Shell Extension) also for Batch Processing
- Unicode support
- View pictures added to a folder automatically
- Slide show - "navigation with left and right mouse button"
- High quality zoom in Slide Show (and Preview)
- Date/time format in Change timestamp function
- Face Recognition
- Face detection and manual tag faces feature
- resize animated gifs
- better tab/memory handling
- transparency color selection
- save changes behaviour
- move toolbars & buttons instantly
- Add Geotags to images
- Map for geotagged images
- Rotate images based on EXIF orientation and auto-rotate
- Set as wallpaper - Fit to desktop width
- Compare images, difference between images
- Print screen content
- Mouse wheel left/right functions
- How about SVG support.

XnView - Options
- "Show only basic options" option
- Limit Cache Option
- Option to auto remove unused cache items after X days...
- Option to set thumbnail sharpening amount
- Wallpaper changer

- Rotate based on EXIF
- Conversion with subfolders

Shell Extension
- SE: Options to xnview Options window
- SE: Support for video files
- SE: Support for mp3 files
- SE: Show custom information as another thumbnail
- SE: Possibility to disable any option
- SE: Option to change LMB action on thumbnail
- SE: ShellExtension suggestions
- SE: Additional print function for Shell Extension
- SE: More output folder options
- SE: Export for Convert dialog

Last update - 24-11-2011
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Re: Global Request & Suggestion list *Read this first*

Post by Lee James »

Please could you add my recent suggestion to the list, under the "Browser" category:

- Equal Height Thumbnails

I really would like to see this become a part of XnView and hope Pierre will look at it/consider it - I have even outlined exactly how it can be programmed. (Note, there have been similar requests in the past, but my idea contains subtle features which make it superior and totally unique - even better than the way Google Images results display.)

Thanks :)