No prompt to save a multi-page file when a page is edited

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No prompt to save a multi-page file when a page is edited

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This thread is escalating of my another request Not all pages rotated from multi-page TIFF images by cday's asking.

Please, add the "The document was changed, Save it?" message with "Save the chiose" setting, when stepping by pages inside one multi-page TIFF after rotating the single page.
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Re: Proposal to save multi-page TIFF when single page change

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When a page of a multi-page [TIFF] file is edited there is no prompt to save the file when stepping to the next page...

If the file is not resaved, any edits made to the page are lost without warning when the next page is selected. :(

Similarly in XnViewMP...

@Pierre: Is it not possible to save an edited multi-page PDF file as a multi-page file, as only the last page viewed seems to be saved??
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Multi frame: Saving after editing?

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(EDIT: Merged from another topic)
I played around with a multi-frame TIF:
Open it - modify frame - next frame - modify something - next ....

I was a little bit surprised that all modifications where lost with command "next frame". Is there a way to make it better?

- Is there an option "Save before calling next frame"?
- An alert: "You have changed the frame? Do you want to save?"
- A cache: I modify what I want and at the end it asks me "5 of 12 frames where changed. Do you want ...?"

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