[REQ.] Colour by file-type…

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[REQ.] Colour by file-type…

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:arrow: Pierre & All,

:) Hello !

- In the browser, when we choose the “List” display, we get colors for file types (if set in the Options).
- Currently :

1. Only the most usual images-types have colours.

2. The contrast between some types is insufficient, IMHO.
- All colours are in the ranges of “Light grey-xxx” and “Light-beige”…

- I noticed the following colours :

*.BMP : = 223/224/255 (RGB) - Light grey-blue

*.GIF : = 223/232/223 - Light grey-green

*.ICO : = 208/247/223 - Light green-grey

*.JPG : = 239/232/192 - Light-beige

*.PNG : = 224/223/223 - Light grey-pink

*.PPS : = 224/231/224 - Light pink-grey (looks a little lighter than the PNG-colour,
but it's difficult to distinguish one another…)

3. These colours are hard-coded in the program; there is not any setting to change them, or to add some others…

• Most certainly, they have been planned to be used with the most background colours - very light or very dark -, but I guess that they are not quite satisfactory with medium-grey backgrounds, for those who use this range as background-colour.
The same here on the board :|

4. Hence, what is missing, and what could be added ?

A. As a first step, more colours for other file-types (to discuss here, maybe…). I think specially - about the colours - to “pure pastel” ones, such as pastel-blue = 191/255/240 or pastel-pink = 255/170/213 etc…

B. For a second step, an option-box, where each user could
define - add - remove colours by file-type following his/her own needs…

C. When XnView is used with Total Commander, it's possible to get the T.C. own colours by file-type. :wink:
- They are located in its INI file, in the section :
ColorFilter2=>files without extensions
------------ and so on …
• Notes : because a strange feature of Windows, the stated colour-order in such files must be BGR :P
• For some special types (i.e. : files without extension), another section [Searches] must be considered…

:D Well, this is a start only, glad to hear your feedback !

:mrgreen: Kind regards,
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