Function requested in BATCH mode..

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Function requested in BATCH mode..

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i have many files stored in FULL-color (24bit) it really has a limited no. of colors (some has 2 colors, others 4 or 5 or 8 or 12) some in color and some in grayscale.. to what i do ..

1-open image
2-count color
3-check color space
4-reduce color to actual

my request .. to add count color into batch mode..

the process would be like this.

1-count color
2-if no of colors exceeding black & white then check for grayscale if not save as "binary" space
3- if no of colors exceeding grayscale then check for 256-color if not save as "grayscale" with best color (for example if no. are 12.. then 16 is choosen.. if no. are 30 then 32 are choosen)
4- if no. exceeds 256 color then save-as true-color (means SKIP) if not save as "pallete image" with mode more than actual color.. (if same is better..)