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Feature Request: Picture Marker

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Hi there,

here's my feature recommendation...

When I'm presenting lets say for example my holiday pictures to my whole family, i have the problem that every individual person wants to have different photo prints of my holiday pictures. So normally I have to remember or write down which person wants which picture printed and afterwards i have to copy those pictures to CD or prepare them for the Photo-Lab-Upload.

So now my missing feature is to mark the pictures in full screen mode with different markers for different picture requests. For example I have 5 persons at my picture presentation. The first picture is demanded by person 1 and 3, so i press 1 and 3 on my Keyboard and the picture gets marked with a little (colored or numbered) marker. If someone wants to have two prints of one photo i press his number again and if he wants one less photo print i press shift+his number.
After the presentation i just click a button to select all pictures that are marked with marker 1 (or 2 ...) and easily create a copy of those pictures to put them on CD or whatever...

That's it. So, what do you think? I think this feature would be a great and very useful addon and i guess it wouldn't be so hard to implement.