How to change XnView's look

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How to change XnView's look

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XnView has many options that allow for adjusting it to the users needs. Additionally, there's options to set and change the look of XnView.

Below please find two settings which make XnView look more XP like. If you don't like XP style, there's also other interesting skins available...

1.) Set Toolbar skin
Select "Options", category "Toolbar > Skin" and choose the toolbar that you like. "XP (Bart)" or "Phoenity", for example.

2.) Set XP menu style
Select "Options", category "General > Startup" and activate the checkbox "Use XP style menus". You will have to exit and restart XnView to see the change. The menus will appear in standard XP style.

3.) Change layout
You might find a different layout of the browser more suitable. The position of tree view, file list, and preview can be changed. In browser mode simply select "View > Layout". (Default layout is third from top).