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Setting user interface language

Posted: Mon May 12, 2008 8:29 am
by helmut
XnView 'speaks' many languages: The user interface can appear in about 40 different languages. Below please find some background info on the language of XnView's user interface and steps to install and set an additional language manually.

Automatic language detection
At the very first start-up XnView detects the language of your Windows system and sets its language to the same language. This automatic detection is performed only once.

Setting language manually
If the on-screen language hasn't been detected by XnView properly, you can set the language manually:
In menu "Options > Tools", category "Interface" you can set the language using the drop downlist. If your language isn't listed in the drop down list, this may have two reasons:

* The appropriate language file (*.dll) isn't installed on your computer
* The language file is installed but not in the right place

XnView comes in various packages (Complete, Standard, Minimal, ...). In some of the packages, all language files are included, in some these are not. If your installed package did not contain all languages, you can install all languages or a specific language file.

Installing additional language files
O.k., you have checked the above and your language file isn't installed, yet. Step-by-Step you can install additional language files:

1. Exit XnView
2. Download all languages or an individual language file (recommended) from the official download page.
3. The language files are provided packed in ZIP archives. Unzip the language file(s) into the directory <XnView program dir>\language (typically C:\Program Files\XnView\language).
4. Start XnView
5. Open options using menu "Tools > Options..."
6. In category "Interface" your language should be listed, now. Choose your language and confirm the options with "OK" button.

There are two hotkeys for quickly switching the languages:
- Ctrl+F12: Toggle between Native and English language
- Alt+F12: Switch between all languages

Re: Setting user interface language

Posted: Mon May 02, 2011 7:40 pm
by dieter

after 400 years of trying i could manage to install the german language file. Lucky me!
Is there a way to maintain the german laguage as standard ? Windows 7, dutch version...

thank you to answer, many greetz

Re: Setting user interface language

Posted: Mon May 02, 2011 8:30 pm
by helmut
As written above, XnView will try to set same on-screen language as the Windows system, initially. So if you would have a dutch language file, XnView set language to dutch. You could create a xnview.ini file which contains nothing but the setting for the language:

Code: Select all

Then, you pack XnView (see minimal installation) and the xnview.ini. You can unpack this package on other computers. Please note that you are not allowed to redistribute publicly without the licence permission included and a written permission of Pierre.

This is the FAQ section and not the public forum for asking questions. But your question is on-topic, so for now we'll handle it here.