How to use Red Eye Correction efficently

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How to use Red Eye Correction efficently

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The description for red eye correction in the XnView Online help is not fully complete, here's a bit more detailed description to get best results:

- How to correct Red Eyes:

1.) Zoom into the image so that you can clearly see the red eyes. The more you zoom in the better, since you can make the selection in the next step more easily.

2.) Select one red eye. Please note that even if the selection is rectangular, red-eye correction will be applied on a circular area inside the selected, rectangular area.

3.) Select 'Image > Red Eyes Correction' or press short cut Alt+E.
Red Eye correction is applied, now.

4.) If you are not happy with the result, select 'Edit > Undo' or press short cut Ctrl+Z. Then repeat step 2 & 3, making sure that your selection is more accurate and has not too many redish parts of the face.

5.) Follow steps 2 - 4 for the second red eye.


Note: This description was taken from post 'Red-eye-correction disabled'