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Anonymous wrote:Same here ... Debian Sid.

Why isn't there a fix out there or an update of 1.68.1 ?
It is SUCH A NICE tool, but without the possibility of leaving the fullscreen mode, it is unusable :-(

Best regards, Markus
Sorry i'm very in late for the new version....

can not exit fullscreen

Post by covex »

Have same problem on FC3 with icewm.

The message IceWM says at this moment is:
IceWM: APP BUG? configureRequest for window A006A7 sent to destroyed frame E0087F!

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Same with Slackware 10 and Icewm - also same Icewm error message


Post by Kit »

The same on my RedHat Enterprise Linux 4.

new update

Post by alphabetagamma »

We don't even need an update!
Just the possibility to exit the fullscreen would be sooooo helpful!

Post by Sabin »

Same problem here, latest RPM available today on the website, version 1.68.1, Mandrake Discovery 10.1 and KDE 3.2.3

But yet, I find your soft marvelous, I wanted to tell that ^_^
With windows I would rather use ACD See 2.43, for I loved its rusticity, its fullscreen mode working with keyboard commands and its file manager possibility (those two things being just very slightly better than Xnview so far IMHO, but really it's a close hand) for basic operations. But considering Linux, Xnview is by far the best one yet ^_^
Your software is really of quality. And, though I don't want to sound rude, the nux "competition" isn't able to cap, most of the picture viewers don't even integrate a file manager in which it's possible to move fat32 folders one into another o_O

I'll try a downgrade, maybe elder versions of Xnview might work, who knows ^^

Post by Sabin »

There are nowhere to be seen older version RPMs, except this "version for lesstif" 1.50 but I don't know at all what it might be v_v

Too bad, can I humbly suggest that as a temporary solution, the RPMs for older versions may be put back online too ? :)

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Finally, wikipedia taught me what was lesstif, and I found it was quite all right to deal with. So, I have had xnview 1.5 + lesstif installed... and YAY THE FULLSCREEN WORKS NOW !

OK, it seems I can no more chose what to do with keyboard keys or configure them, but that's really little annoyance, I can finally use Xnews again, for my great pleasure :)

Would you mind if I make a small suggestion ?
When using the picture viewer in fullscreen with it setup so as to display pictures without resizing, and when those pictures are too tall to fit into a window, that makes us use keyboard keys to scroll down or up the picture. Perfect. But the problem is that when we switch to the next picture, we keep to "scroll position" of the previous picture. I.e. if we had scrolled to the bottom of Picture1 and switch to Picture2, we will start with the bottom of the picture, and will have to scroll up.
That does not make reading text-pictures easy.

Thanks for the great software :)