XnView 1.80 for Linux?

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Dbug wrote:I agree on this:
- Not using Wxwidgets
- Not using Java (I appreciate XnView because it is fast on whatever machine I run it. If it get slower I will probably switch to some other image viewer/batch converter)
- No opinion on the motif/qt choice. If QT makes the cross platforme developpement easier, then go for it :)

About the importance of the Linux version compared to the Windows one, well I guess that the author of the program should consider a quite important phenomenom: Recently, a lot of people has been considering switching from Windows to either linux (mostly Ubuntu variants ?) or MacOS, mostly because either Vista does not appeal to people (huge hardware requirements, very restrictive licencing scheme).

I've been myself using Windows as my only operating system since about 1996, successfully using 95, 98 OSR2, and Windows 2000 Pro. I use Windows XP at work... and I installed an Ubuntu on my laptop to evaluate the "feasability of switching to Linux seriously).

I have to admit that so far I'm quite impressed by what I saw, it detected all my hardware, works fine, boots and shutdown fast, autoupdate works nicely. The really negative point is that I do not manage to get all my windows applications running on it.

So well, I would be very very happy to find XnView in the "Synaptic" update manager list, because the install scripts are not really the kind of thing I like (I like to just "select/download/get it to install without any question"), and the RPM thing does not work on Ubuntu.

So well in short, if you do such a version, and get it available in the list of installable package for Ubuntu, I can predict a huge number of downloads because the existing picture viewers I checked are really, really crap.

(And XnView is the only one that can display legacy Atari, Oric, Amiga picture formats :mrgreen: )
I agree! Im missing some windows apps and XnView is one of them!