Xnview 1.70, a few suggestions

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Xnview 1.70, a few suggestions

Post by sabin »

Hello hello,

I like Xnview a lot, and, meaning to help, I'd have a few suggestions...

- First, add a help file with the list of the keyboard shortcuts, or add a menu to configure the keyboard shortcuts :p
The only shortcut I found was control-F for the fullscreen mode. I bet there are other useful ones

- Fullscreen navigation : nearly all image viewers have those two keyboard shortcuts that are most useful : show the picture in "real size", or reduce/enlarge the picture to have it fit the screen. Xnview would need this, the keys + and - are useful but the other two keys, / and *, are missed ^^

- The possibility, when the xnview browser is running, to open a picture in fullscreen, but not in a new xnview window, transforming the current xnview (in browser mode) into a fullscreen-xnview. And back to the browser when the fullscreen mode is exited with the escape or control-f keys.
Why this ? It would save us from having to close the fullscreen-xnview window when we don't need it, and it would make navigation easier.
Besides, from an accessibility point of view, it seems to me more logical, more user-friendly and simple, to have just one window open and to be able to do everything inside it.

- :bug: Lastly, one thing that is almost, on my opinion, a bug. :bugconfirmed:
When I browse a folder with large pictures, I chose to see them without resizing by xnview, thus I have to scroll the pictures from up to down, or from left to right. But when I move to the next picture, my position is kept in memory !
Imagine you open a laaarge picture, and you end viewing it with the scrolling showing you the lower-right part of the picture. Then you switch to the next picture, and... you are still in the lower-right part of the picture !
That is most illogical, nearly absurd, and is not user-friendly.
I feel the logical way would be to have each picture viewing angle repositioned to the upper-left angle...

Please don't take my suggestions badly, I mean to help, not to criticize for the pleasure of harming you :)

(rha, j'aurais dû écrire ça en français au lieu de me crever à faire une version anglaise, j'avais oublié que, ô admin en chef, tu étais français !! >_<
Si mon post n'est pas clair, je ferai volontiers une VF)
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Re: Xnview 1.70, a few suggestions

Post by helmut »

sabin wrote:...
I like Xnview a lot, and, meaning to help, I'd have a few suggestions...
Thank you sabin, for your suggestion and bug report. I don't have Un*x so I cannot comment, I'm sure Pierre will look into your issues.

PS: Thank you for writing in English.