High zoom quality option

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Hagar de l'Est

High zoom quality option

Post by Hagar de l'Est »

In general settings / View, when I check the option High quality zoom "Fit to window" or "Reduce", the images do not change when I scroll with the wheel or with the Previous/Next icon : a very quick black screen, as if the image was changing but the same one remains !

My config is version 1.7 for Linux.

Post by sk »

the same :(
I did relly hope that in 1.70 this bug will be fixed but it doesn't. Too bad.

Dear XnView author! Please tell us what's new in v.1.70 for Linux ?
I didn't see any changes. :(

Post by Guest »

sk wrote:I didn't see any changes. :(
There are at least the following changes:

- It's compiled with GCC 3.4 or GCC 4.0, improving compatibility with new distributions such as Fedora Core 4 and SuSE 10.0
- The fullscreen bug is gone

But you're right, the "WhatsNew.txt" file in the package is old and doesn't even mention version 1.70 - it ends with version 1.68...

High zoom quality option

Post by Al »

Same here - Suse 9.3 Linux with XnView 1.68 and 1.70.

Some additional info:

For me it is not happening on all images. If I advance in a directory, some images are repeated, and some seems to re-activate the correct display. It's always connected to the same images. And if you resize the view window, or right click and choose another zoom, suddenly the correct image apperas on the screen.

For the images itself i found no pattern, but same resolution or compression level of jpeg may have something to do with this.

Hope this helps a little....

Oh, and yes, some words to "what's new" would be fine. My first thoughts on 1.70 was I did a wrong install and it's still 1.68.1.

Beside this, XnView is a great piece of software! Good collection of features of a browser/ viewer, editor functions and batch jobs. My first choice going through my digital camera snapshots.