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cant open files in external program via right click menu

Posted: Fri Apr 27, 2012 2:45 pm
by xndowny
I have tried setting up the Right Click "open with" by browsing to the exe but it doesnt work
I have 2 versions of Photoshop and another editing program
one version of Photoshop doesnt open at all
the other opens but gives a message about not being able to locate the file
the other editing program also opens but does not open up the file I had highlighted and right clicked on in xnview mp 0.39

I should add I dont have any problem if I
A:) open the photo in eye of gnome program and then from that program pass it on to photoshop OR
B:) within Xnview, double click the photo and it opens in the default viewer which is Eye of Gnome and from their I pass the file on to photoshop or another program.

It's kind of funny - Because If I use the windows version of Xnview (1.98.8) running under WINE on linux it does allow me to pass photos on to other apps including photoshop.