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Online Help on Un*x

Post by helmut »

For XnView, there is an Online help available which can be downloaded on the XnView Download page. The descriptions in the XnView Online help refers to the Windows version. The user interface of the Un?x and Mac OSX version differs but is close, so the Online help can be helpful on these platforms, too.

The XnView Online help is provided as .chm file, a format which is supported on all Windows platforms. On Macintosh and Un*x a tool for viewing .chm files is needed. For Macintosh there is 'chmox', see topic 'Online help on Macintosh' for more details.

Some links to chm viewers for Un?X that I have found - I guess there are many more:

xChm (Freeware, English, Linux, *BSD, Solaris)

Chm viewer (Freeware, German, Linux)

Comments and suggestions on other chm viewers are welcome.
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Post by Remi »

There is also gnochm (i'm used to read doc with it, RPM for RedHat/Fedora are available at DAG).

Both gnochm and xchm use the CHMLIB.

While xchm use wxWidgets, gnochm use python and Gtk (a gnome application).