Installation on UBUNTU?

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Installation on UBUNTU?

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I usually use Xnview on Windows XP at office.

My home PC is based on UBUNTU 8.04.
Someone can help me about installing (what download, ...).

Thank you so much.
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Post by marsh »

Here is a way the current version can be used on that OS:
1. apt-get install "wine"- without quotes,or use 'aptitude', or 'synaptic' package managers.
2. Run "winecfg" as normal user (not root/administrator) to adjust its settings as needed.
3. Open terminal, go to program's directory, type "wine xnview.exe" (as user) to start program.
4. Try another version of "wine" if one provided by OS is problematic.
5. If needed, use native dlls from your XP/2K OS (comctl32.dll is often a useful choice).
6. Your OS's forums or winehq are good sources for discovering more hints.

And, here is a way to create menu item to launch program:
1. Create text file named "wine_xnview" in "/usr/local/bin/"
2. Set its ownership to root:staff, and permissions to 755.
3. Contents of text file:

Code: Select all

wine /home/your_username/wine_drive_d/xnview/xnview.exe
(edit as needed to point to wherever you placed program)
4. apt-get install "menu" so the "/etc/menu/" folder is created on OS.
5 Create a different text file named "wine_xnview" in "/etc/menu/"
6. Contents of text file:

Code: Select all

?package(wine):needs="X11" section="Custom/Wine"\
title="wine_xnview" command="/usr/local/bin/wine_xnview" \
(edit as needed if you want menu items to be named something else)
7. Set its ownership to root:root, and permissions to 644.
8. As root, run "update-menus" to do just that.
9. Restart window manager if menu change is not immediately seen.
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